In New York City, three people have been charged with allegedly assaulting a hostess at the City’s restaurant. The event took off on the internet after the video of these three men went viral on social media.

It started when the hostess insisted all the three men show their ID Proof which will ensure that they are fully vaccinated against the deadly coronavirus. The City has implemented that people need to show their ID proof of both the vaccine

The police reported that they have acquired the CCTV footage and even the cellphone footage. The incident took place in the Popular Italian Restaurant of the Upper West Side.

The video showed how cruel the group has done to the young lady, the hostess, whose identity is not taken out, has been punched, and even her necklace is broken.

All the three men are taken to the police station and proper action is taken by the cops. The three men that played games between, 21, 44, and 49 are under custody now.

After social media saw the post, it became viral and the people demanded proper action against these criminals.

The city has already imposed a law that states that all the popular spots, that are filled with people for entertainment, hospitality, or any tourist place, require the confirmation of the vaccination. If any person failed to fall in the criteria he/she would be fined 1000 dollars. Even any other public gathering or any owner who is offering something to th4e customer can ask for the vaccination id card.

As the second wave has just hit the world and it is already worried around the people. It is the responsibility of the people to maintain a healthy environment around themselves. The government is actively doing its best to stop all the crises and help to save lives, but some people still need to understand all th4ese things.